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KST English Hub Virtual Conference

We are delighted to announce our Virtual Conference being held on the 26th May 2021 featuring key note speakers Farrah Serrouck and Dr Andrew Curran.

All events are free to attend so please do book early to avoid disappointment

Agenda for the day



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Welcome and Introduction 

followed by

Reading for Pleasure

A Welcome from the KST English Hub Strategic Lead, Laura Lund and KST English Hub Lead, Tara Dodson.

Emma Madden, Head of School, Fox Primary School will speak about Reading for Pleasure.


We will look at:

  • What is reading for pleasure or enjoyment?

  • The importance of reading for pleasure as well as decoding & comprehension

  • The importance of reading aloud and ensuring all children have the opportunity to hear high-quality texts in class 

  • The importance of staff having read a text before reading aloud

  • Knowing what texts are shared with the children and ensuring there is a breadth of texts

  • Teacher subject knowledge around texts and authors




Incorporating Representative Texts into the Curriculum

Incorporating meaningful texts that represent diversity both with authors and characters into curriculums and using these texts to support and foster a love of reading, ensuring that children are able to see themselves represented.



Participants will have the opportunity to:

1. contemplate the value of books that reflect the realities of our pupils and how this has the potential to shape reader identity;

2. explore the defining features of quality inclusive literature;

3. consider how we meaningfully integrate quality representative literature into our core curriculum provision.

An Evidence Culture: Why, why not?


Francois is the executive head teacher of Whiteknights Primary school. He has led the school to consistently be one of the best performing primaries in Berkshire.


A key part of the school's success has been its relentless focus on the teaching of reading and underpinning all aspects of provision and leadership on research.


His work as a National Leader of Education has supported a significant number of schools leaders in facing their challenges to build healthy, thriving schools.


The Art of Storytelling

Judy Preece has worked in films and TV (The Muppets, Little Shop of Horrors and Labyrinth), now a renowned storyteller she has devised her own unique way of combining puppetry and storytelling to share aspects of the Science National Curriculum whilst in residence at the Natural History Museum. 

Judy will share a variety of storytelling skills both with and without puppets and delve deeper into how we bring a story to life!

Developing a love of reading through bringing stories to life, oral storytelling skills and puppetry to support storytelling. This exciting and engaging storyteller has worked at Natural History Museum, V&A and London Maritime museum after a career as a puppeteer. Specifically aimed at EYFS/KS1.


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Phonics and Reading:

The New EYFS Framework

Ciara Linder, Assistant Head Teacher and Bethany Mason, Early Years Leader, at the West London Free School Primary, will deliver a session on phonics and reading in light of the new EYFS Framework.

The session will include:

* Reading, Writing and Communication and Language ELGS

* Making a strong start in Reception

* Introducing the Reading and Writing Curriculum to Parents

* How Reading, Writing and Communication and Language are embedded through the rest of the curriculum

1.00 pm


Understand HOW to teach through unpacking HOW children learn

Andrew’s clear and humorous, approach to unpacking the neurobiology underlying successful learning and leading is a refreshing and highly informative change to the dull-as-ditch water scientific approaches that clot the field of education.



The Role of Background Knowledge

in  Reading

Alex Pethick, Director of Curriculum for the Knowledge Schools Trust will look at the role that background knowledge and vocabulary play in reading comprehension. We will look at findings from cognitive science to help us understand how we learn to read and discuss how we can support children to infer in meaningful ways.


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Oxford University Press

A representative from OUP will speak about resources including decodable books. More information about this session to come!



English Hub Knowledge Schools Trust

West London Free School Primary

Cambridge Grove

Hammersmith, W6 0LB

0203 096 6016

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